Elliot Catt

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Strong normality and generalised Copeland--Erdos numbers

  • Published in the journal Integers (2016)

On the calculation of normal modes of a coupled ice-shelf/sub-ice-shelf cavity system

  • Publiushed in the Journal of Glaciology (2017)

Edge Elimination for the Hamiltonian Cycle problem

A Game-Theoretic Analysis of The Off-Switch Game

  • Published in the International Conference on Artificial General Intelligence (2017)

A Strongly Asymptotically Optimal Agent in General Environments

  • Published in IJCAI (2019)

A Gentle Introduction to Quantum Computing Algorithms with Applications to Universal Prediction

Curiosity Killed or Incapacitated the Cat and the Asymptotically Optimal Agent

  • Published in IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Information Theory (2021)

On the formalisation of Kolmogorov complexity

  • Published in the Proceedings of the International Conference on Certified Programs and Proofs (2021)

Reinforcement Learning with Information-Theoretic Actuation



Quantum Algorithms for Universal Prediction

  • Thesis for Masters of Mathematical Sciences (Advanced) (2018)